How to make a Mural in Ends

kelsea delatango
4 min readJul 26, 2022

A Mural — from the ancient Latin word for wall, is a type of public art. Main pioneers of the discipline are renowned for the depths of their radical artistic imaginations. They include the Ancient Egyptians, Banksy and Leonardo DaVinci. Over time, painting on walls has been a most respected form of street art, this could probably be accredited to the contribution of David Alfara Siqueiros and other innovators of the Mexican muralist movement of the 1920s. Who pitched murals as sites for political change and accessible civic education. Today, the Mural art aesthetic has become popular with all sorts of brands, yet only a handful of murals make it into local street art tours. Below are some tips on how to produce influential public art.

Do collaborate with artists living close-by:

  1. Murals tell us about the places they are based. Historians use them to find details about the setting, community beliefs and social customs. Whilst its unlikely a modern-day mural would be used by future archaeologists, it still should be able to give a snapshot relevant to its surroundings. Nowadays brands everywhere are looking to collaborate with artists to make a statement and these projects give a chance for artists to share some of the limelight. The first step in making a mural project worthwhile is to work with a local artist. — no amount of research could compare to the insight from someone living in a space which is needed if you want the work to leave an impression. This week, I met Dapo Davinci, Brooklyn based conceptual artist and sustainable fashion enthusiast. he told me about his approach to commissioned murals. In a recent project for a new restaurant,

“If i can be inspired by my art my culture and my history to get the work done then i’ll be blessed”

He tells me this, wiping the paint from his gas mask a day before the opening of East Flatbush-based restaurant Taco-Mami who brought Dapo on board for the interior decor. Davinci, lets the local residents know that the owners of Taco Mami’s aren’t playing with their arrival. The fiery tones of the interior are unmissable from passers-by the corner of Rogers and X. Dapo’s Creativity depicts two worlds coming together by mixing imagery with wording to tell the story of the Afro-Mexican Fusion, but at the same time, the art-work at Taco Mami’s gets passers-by to…

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