My English is
Poor. Common;
So British. A bit smokey and harsh
Beatboxing some kind of thuggish wisdom, because you know I’m still speaking sense.
Fun, Young.
That my both…

Mouth open,
Cheeks are dropping , spread to one side like golden pancakes.
I kiss them
Mouth closes
She slurps
I love her
She sleeps,
My eyes are open
I hoped the whites…

Its been a hot minute since some of us posted Black squares on insta. Since the resurgence of the BLM movement, you’ve left the DMs of your only Black (and/or POC) contacts and started posting about how you’re now “Decolonising the Curriculum/Environmental Sec/ [any institution]”

“Decolonising the [insitition]” is a…

Kelsea Delatango

A South London Native. Campaigner and Policy researcher from London. Too Black, Too Queer, Too dyslexic.

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