The other week 3rd February was Stuart Hall’s birthday. Hall is known as one of the great thinkers of a go-to reference for anyone (with sense, and er, isn’t racist) writing about social justice in the UK, and is known for coining the term ‘Thatcherism’. Those of you who don’t know them, or are not from the UK should get to know.

This report is an evaluation of the past 40 years of recommendations from both on structural inequalities toward Black, Asian and other minoritised community groups in the UK. …

During the penultimate weeks of Black History Month in the UK, I was invited to address a virtual audience of 100 Londoners as Part of the Mayor of London’s Peer Outreach Teams ' The Future Speaks event’.

For those of you that are not aware (especially readers from overseas) the regional government in London hires a group of talented young people to run outreach and engagement projects for other young people and children in the city. Having been a member of the team, I can tell you it’s super radical in what it does. (especially in a place like the…

Two full Zero drops two Zeros
two falling to zero , twice.
Twice the zero falls after two.

Q: 2020, year of the Rat. So, tell me about your 2020?

A: Did a lot of Falling.

Failing but mostly Falling;
In love.

Over empty pasta isles in Aldi.

Out with friends.

Out in love with myself.

To our Knees as once again them man were killing people.

Into self induced comas.

Through with plans.

Behind with deadlines.

Within cycles that I’m not proud of.

From fits of over-anticipated laughter , after evening meds as John the dude from accross the…

Kelsea (me) and Ahmed Mohammed from You VS You Credit: Adiam Yemane

For me, life has slowed down as we head into a “second lockdown” in the UK. It’s not because I won’t be working but because I know myself, and so many others are preparing for more uncertainty, dark nights, and time to recoil back to a space of social isolation, and physical distancing.

Right now I am reflecting on privileged moments I will cherish during the period between the two waves. One of which is the opportunity I had with Ubele initiative to connect, recharge and work with a talented group of Black & Brown community organizers who I know…

Its been a hot minute since some of us posted Black squares on insta. Since the resurgence of the BLM movement, you’ve left the DMs of your only Black (and/or POC) contacts and started posting about how you’re now “Decolonising the Curriculum/Environmental Sec/ [any institution]”

“Decolonising the [insitition]” is a phrase so bastardized by the mainstream, performative ally’s have been patting themselves on the back for learning a new word, and also attempting to reconcile their white privilege.

Before authentically engaging with academia and social justice discourse, I too have been/ am complicit in this, but I went out of…

This is how to love me.
Take time. Cos I don want to fill your mind
With characteristics that aint mine.
Remember, don’t think about me all the time.

This is how to love me.

Take time

I dance to the beat of your laughter.
Not too fast though. A little soulful.
And our hips thrust, and grind.
Like sister boats in the ocean.


Anchors tangled and fell hard with one another
Not for one another
By that I mean too lonely something’s
Crave love and intimacy
So they fall hard
For love and intimacy
A you to…

This was first published on Ubele’s website, however I site it so much in my covid essays I thought i’d share on here. but for more, head to

The Emerging Leaders Advocacy project was created as a result of young BAME leaders within the Ubele network wanting to understand the reasons Covid 19 is having such a vast and disproportionate impact on BAME communities. A conversation was organised by our Director, Michael Hamilton, bringing together the young emerging leaders. It was here that the idea for the ‘Emerging Leaders Advocacy project’ was conceived and #WeNeedAnswers campaign was formed.


It’s been too many days since the WHO announced covid-19 as a global health emergency.

A couple of months ago I took an abrupt leave from reality, finding myself paralysed in a world that’s continued moving at first virtually, but as the government eases Lockdown, the streets fill up and Economy keeps stepping.

In the UK, although "Black lives Matter' riders are still working - despite the efforts "all lives matter" or even worse, "bame lives matter " crews best efforts to silence , whitewash the resurgence of the movement. Tweets of "@blmuk where’s the money bro ?", And links to Reni’s book are still flying around, some groups have torn away into their "[Insert…

Kelsea Delatango

A South London Native. Campaigner and Policy researcher from London. Too Black, Too Queer, Too dyslexic.

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