My English is
Poor. Common;
So British. A bit smokey and harsh
Beatboxing some kind of thuggish wisdom, because you know I’m still speaking sense.
Fun, Young.
That my both…

Generation Z, also known as the ‘zoomers’ or ‘Gen-z’ are the children and young adults of the present day. Anyone born from 1997 to 2015 is considered gen z . …

Mouth open,
Cheeks are dropping , spread to one side like golden pancakes.
I kiss them
Mouth closes
She slurps
I love her
She sleeps,
My eyes are open
I hoped the whites…

Leave me out
Alone and proud
Safe and sound
How I like it now

Since Diana Mae -
June, July, came round
I'm good like this now

Less sounds of…

Knowledge is power, but apparently so is wealth. Peadagoly insists a Capitalist schooling framework which teaches us to undermine and undervalue those with limited access to formal education. …

The other week 3rd February was Stuart Hall’s birthday. Hall is known as one of the great thinkers of a go-to reference for anyone (with sense, and er, isn’t racist) writing about social justice in the UK, and is known for coining the term ‘Thatcherism’. …

During the penultimate weeks of Black History Month in the UK, I was invited to address a virtual audience of 100 Londoners as Part of the Mayor of London’s Peer Outreach Teams ' The Future Speaks event’.

For those of you that are not aware (especially readers from overseas) the…

Two full Zero drops two Zeros
two falling to zero , twice.
Twice the zero falls after two.

Q: 2020, year of the Rat. So, tell me about your 2020?

A: Did a lot of Falling.

Failing but mostly Falling;
In love.

Over empty pasta isles in Aldi.

Out with…

Kelsea (me) and Ahmed Mohammed from You VS You Credit: Adiam Yemane

For me, life has slowed down as we head into a “second lockdown” in the UK. …

Its been a hot minute since some of us posted Black squares on insta. Since the resurgence of the BLM movement, you’ve left the DMs of your only Black (and/or POC) contacts and started posting about how you’re now “Decolonising the Curriculum/Environmental Sec/ [any institution]”

“Decolonising the [insitition]” is a…

Kelsea Delatango

A South London Native. Campaigner and Policy researcher from London. Too Black, Too Queer, Too dyslexic.

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